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Thursday, April 15, 2010

So Many Recipes, So Little Time!

It's been "good and crazy" times in the Millar bubble, can I tell you!

Every day since my last post I've tried to get something up and published here, but it feels like I've been busier in the last three weeks than I have been in the last three years. As predicted the Thermomix has indeed changed my life, and definitely for the better. For a start my nocturnal lifestyle has been shifting and I'm getting up earlier in the day even though I may still stay up quite late some nights, like this one. The best time I find for writing is always in the wee hours when the energy is still so I'm fighting off sleep in order to get this posted. I've been missing being around here.

When I first started this blog I found myself spending the bulk of my spare time setting things up behind the scenes for it, and then of course, there was the writing itself. My first post resulted from a solid week's worth of time spent writing my many thoughts down about how inspired I was to be getting my Thermomix. It's a long post granted, but you should see how much material didn't make it in!

Then the Bimby arrived and I started setting up the Thermomix Melbourne Facebook page and my consultant training began. More time was spent adding content to that, then promoting it to people on Facebook and other blogs. I was trying to learn everything I needed to during training without falling asleep(as I'd usually turn up on only four hours sleep) and call around to book in demos in preparation for the time I would be getting out onto the road with the Thermomix.

In between I still had to make a living and had my yoga classes to teach, had to make sure I still played great at my Dj gigs, had to be in top form for when I would see my vibrational healing clients and then....actually try and make some things to eat in the Bimby in amongst it all.

Oh and not to forget, there was still the housework to do, social engagements to keep, quality time spent with my cat Lucy, connecting with people via email and social media and managing my Confessions of a Noospheric Chip blog and another Facebook group I created called Liz Millar's Vibrational Healing Page. I did use the Thermomix during those first couple of weeks with some success, but it was mostly for making green smoothies, some salads and practice dishes for the demos.

By this time I was getting pretty knackered and slightly frustrated. I decided I needed to take some time out from this blog and caught up on much-needed sleep, completed my training, and got cooking! Since then I've been making so many new things in the Bimby your eyes are going to pop when you see all the pics I have to show you. Here's an appetizer:

My first attempt at making the Hot Cross Buns around Easter from the recipe in the Everyday Cooking Book(EDC from now on) was so good, the following week I made them again, but this time, as Eye of Ra buns. I added an extra egg white by accident and they turned out even moister and more delicious than before. Plus I milled the whole cloves, nutmeg and cinammon in the TM bowl for them and the smell was out of this world! So much nicer than the stuff you get in packets or jars in the supermarket. Anyway, they're the best fruit buns I've ever tasted, I never would've attempted them without the Thermomix to do all the "heavy lifting" as I'm not the best at kneading and can't stand the mess it usually makes, and the response to these from all quarters has been amazing. One of my cousins in Perth actually just recieved a shipment of them from me because she saw the pics on Facebook and desperately asked me to send her some. Haha, she said she's giving me a review tomorrow.

 The Thermomix will do 500 kneads in about 90 seconds, which is the equivalent of 90 minutes in a breadmaker. This dough was ready in 3 minutes and the best bit - no kneading and no mess!

Once the dough is ready, all you need to do is weigh in the dried fruit and give it a quick mix for a few seconds and voila! the mixture is ready.

It needs to prove for 1 - 1 1/2 hrs then rolled into buns and once it has doubled in size.

The buns are piped with crosses (or eyes!) and baked for around 15-20 minutes.

Mmmm, fresh hot cross buns straight out of the oven and brushed with a glaze of sugar syrup.


I made some butter in the Bimby as well and when I sat down for afternoon tea that day the feeling that I got from knowing that I'd made everything on the table from scratch and that I was in complete control of what went into my food, was terrific. And by God it was YUMMY!!
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