I love to cook, share ideas and talk about food, but most of all I love to explore how creating a healthier relationship with food through using our inner felt sense to guide our choices, can have a profound effect on all our choices, and be a healing path. These are the chronicles of my new culinary excursions, armed with a keen sense of curiosity, an experimental nature and an open heart, and the latest addition to my kitchen, the spectacular Thermomix "Bimby".

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Thermomix Demo

Would you like to see a Bimby in action at your home or workplace?
It's easy, you can book me for a demo.

Call Liz on 0404 618 196 | or email me

I'd love to show you just how great I think the Thermomix is.
If you would like to invite a small group to your place,
I will show you just how easy it is to prepare delicious, 
nutritious foods in seconds, not minutes.

The Thermomix is for you if you:

-can't cook
-love to cook
-run a commercial kitchen
-want to save time
-want to save money
-want to save energy and the environment
-want to stop eating take-away food

-are health conscious
- are on a restricted diet
-want to prepare raw foods more easily
-want to make baby food at home
-want to avoid additives in food
-want to prepare your own pet food

-don't have much space
-have a boat or caravan
-are renovating your kitchen or home
-are getting married
-have an office kitchen

I'll prepare six dishes before your eyes, entertain you and feed you well.
It will be fun, and a disco for your tastebuds, I promise!

Call Liz on 0404 618 196 | or email me

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