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Sunday, March 14, 2010

3, 2, 1.....Go!

OH YES. I am now the proud new owner of a Thermomix, and now that it has taken pride of place in my kitchen - and tonight for the first time, made my dinner - I am even more in love with it than ever. It looks pretty impressive in its spot I might add. Life is good.

I was ecstatic when the call came a couple of days ago to let me know it was ready for pick-up, from the lovely lady Andrea who signed me up to become a consultant. My mind was in overdrive wondering what to make first.

When I arrived to collect it from her place, she took me through the functions and gave me some very handy tips(like how you could dry the inside of the mixing bowl after it washed itself, simply by putting a clean tea-towel into it, popping the blades on "reverse" and setting them to run on a low speed, hallelujah! I can't believe it dries itself too). And it's got a completely retractable power cord. Heavens, how clever. Oh yeah, and a "butterfly" attachment that makes things like whipping egg whites and cream a dream - tomorrow I'm going to make my own butter with it. Home-made butter. At my house! I am going to very easily get used to this.

On the way home, I made a quick detour at the supermarket and as my laptop was with me, jumped onto Facebook and updated my status in the carpark. In the most lady-like fashion I could muster in that moment, the words "Out of my freakin' skull with excitement right now. I just picked up my Bimby! Off to videotape myself going crazy as I unpack the boxes. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh (purrs madly)" suddenly filled the box at the top of my page.

As soon as I was back in my front door, I couldn't wait to unpack them, and as soon as my Bimby was out of its box, I dove straight in with nary a look at the cookbook that came with it. I needed to make my dinner, and I was pretty hungry so first up - dessert! Did I mention that I have a sweet tooth that would melt the scales of most other people? Thankfully I still have all my teeth. I settled on...a raspberry and lychee sorbet, inspired by a strawberry and lychee palate cleanser I had recently as part of a degustation menu at Left Bank, James Tan's great new place on Southbank Boulevard.

Into the mixing bowl, I threw in some ice, some frozen raspberries and lychees, an egg white and some agave nectar. Set the blades to high and less than a minute I was piling blushing, fluffy pink mounds of the stuff into glass parfait glasses. It was a hit. Perfect, instant euphoria in a glass. If only life was always this easy. Raw, vegetarian, gluten-free, fat-free and cane sugar-free happiness. Not bad for my first go.

Raspberry & Lychee Sorbet

200g ice cubes
120g frozen raspberries
120g frozen lychees, peeled
  80g agave nectar, in frozen cubes
    1   egg white

Add half the ice and all the other ingredients to the Thermomix bowl.
Turn speed up to 9 slowly, process for 10 seconds. Add the rest of the ice, blend for a few more seconds then use the tamper through the hole in the lid to move the mixture around and continue blending for another 10-15 seconds til it's light and fluffy. Serve in pretty parfait glasses and eat immediately.

Following that was a shitake mushroom and chicken risotto, and yes, it really did cook in 16 minutes, after first sauteeing the onion and rice for a couple of minutes. And instead of standing at the stove as I normally have to, I gleefully sat down on a comfy chair and checked to see who'd responded to my status on Facebook, because the first time ever, I didn't need to stir and add more stock to the rice every couple of minutes. I got some encouraging replies too. "I don't know what it is but I want one!", "So do I! Sounds too good!" and, "Everyone should have one, have fun picking 1st recipe".

When the timer went off to let me know the risotto was done, I gave some to Mum to try(she was hovering around as all of this was happening). "I'll just have a little", she said, but as soon as she had her first spoonful, she kept saying things like, "What have you put in here to make it so tasty?" and, "How long did this take?", and got me to reel off the list of ingredients. They were very simple - olive oil, onion, arborio rice, white wine, shitake mushrooms, cubed chicken breast pieces, chicken stock, salt and pepper, and a bit of grated parmesan(grated in the Bimby of course, before cooking the risotto), and flat-leaf parsley for some colour and movement. That's it! But it was absolutely wonderful, perfectly cooked and al dente, while being creamy and ever-so-slightly oozy. For that dish, I did refer to the cookbook for blade speeds and temperature guides, but it was just so darn easy, and I decided what flavours to put in. Then Mum asked for seconds.

I did manage to film myself in the heat of the moment when I first unpacked everything, and I'll try to get that video up as soon as possible. I'll put the risotto recipe up too when I can add the video, so please stand by. In the meantime, here's a rather blurry picture I managed to pose for in amongst it all that, that Mum took of me and my Bimby.

I love numbers and yesterday was a "1" day, if you are into numerology. I worked this out while driving home with the Bimby from Andrea's.
1+ 3 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 10 = "1", and I thought, "How perfect!"

More kitchen adventures comin' atcha soon.


  1. Wow, looks like you jumped right in. Desert and dinner on the first night. I like your spirit. Nothing like going all out with the new Widget. Kinda like buy'n a new Corvette and taking her up to 120 MPH on the way home from the dealership. Way to go girl..! Speaking of Widgets....after perusing the Thermomix website I have to say this thing ain't cheap.... Nearly stopped my heart when I saw that price tag. I could procure a brand new Sony big screen LCD HD TV for that price. MY BB Storm can call out, do GPS, play games, browse the internet, take pictures, make video, has a calculator and more than a hundred other applications....yet does not even cost a third of the Thermomix. But all kiding aside...stopping my heart is exactly what the Thermomix would help prevent, and who could really put a price on that...!!
    I like to write and I like to read,...but I don't really like to read operations manuals. Given your energy and your talent for making the mundane sound truly exiting I do so hope that Bimby hired you to wright that operations manual. Cause I am expecting that to be one thick book, given all the things the Bimby does.
    By the way I like your little numerology thing you've got going there that's cute. I heard Glynis McCants talking about it a few months ago on Coast to Coast AM. Does it really work ? I see your listed as a star seed, does that have something to do with the Galactivating thing?
    Sorry if I got a bit off topic. Your just too cool and way to interesting in the things your into, and you like 80's Music and Yoga and Nutrition through Thermomix. Anyone, as intelligent and energetic and interesting as you are definitely needs a Bimby to keep up with day to day activities. After, 8 to 16 hours standing the long dark watch between chaos and community, and another 8 to 16 hours raising kids I am in great need of an energy boost and I think the Bimby would be just the thing. Now all I got to do is work it into the budget hmmmmmm... And no.. I am not trading in my Hummer to get a Bimby. I realize it has but one use as an end of the world escape module. Believe me sister, on 12/21/2012 I want the best seat in the house on the tallest mountain I can find.....
    But...just in case the fireworks don't happen to go off in such a dramatically resolute fashion in 2012 I do believe a Bimby can serve as a swell back up plan for the next 35 or 40 years. So...thanx for giving me a back up plan..!! And " I still see you " ......at least in your kitchen photo anyway lol...

  2. Great Liz -- Congratulations! You just jumped right in with both feet. Fantastic. What a great first menu! The sorbet sounds deeelish, and the risotto too. Can't wait to see what you do next.

    When you have time, come on back over to superkitchenmachine.com and add your own Bimby photo -- you'll be in good company!

    ThermomixBlogger Helene

  3. Dear Helene!

    Thanks for your encouragement. I do tend to be the type that jumps into anything I do with both feet (and in territory where angels fear to tread! - not in this instance thankfully), and it was brilliant to just go for it and be able to use the Bimby so intuitively.

    I'll definitely pay your site a visit too and upload a pic. It's great that you have a spot there for that. Thanks!

  4. Hello Cybravatar!

    You are amazing. I could write a treatise on all the things you've brought up in your comment, but I loved the Corvette analogy. That is BANG on, and now I'll always think of my Bimby as a bit of a kitchen Corvette-equivalent. And like a Corvette, it's price may seem high until you've driven one. When I first heard about the Thermomix I thought it was around AUD$4000(not sure how I managed to work that out) and went around for months thinking there was no way I could afford one, then when I went to the demo and learned it was actually AUD $1939 I had the complete opposite reaction to you and I was RELIEVED (haha) because all of a sudden I realized it was within my reach. And as soon as I learned about the cost-saving aspects of having one (like it would pay for itself in 6 months through savings at the supermarket), and that if I were to go out and buy all the things that are incorporated into it like blender/processor/mixer/scales/grater/steamer/breadmaker/slow cooker/kettle/coffee-maker/etc etc, I'd be up for at least $3000-$4000(even at sale prices), I realized it was worth every penny. That doesn't even touch on the doctor's bills/prescriptions/hospital fees etc I'll be saving on in future!

    I know it sounds like I could very well write the manual, but no...this blog will keep me busy enough.

    I see the world through many lenses, and one of them is the numbers lens, as everything in creation can be broken down to numbers...read Jose Arguelle's book The Mayan Factor sometime, it will change your outlook on numbers and life forever...so yes, as my journey officially began on a "1" day, I had to make a note of it. I'm glad you think that, my taste in music and interest in yoga and nutrition makes me "cool".

    Seeing that you spend your spare time with the kids, you know you could totally revolutionize your time with them with a Bimby around. You'd have more time with them, spend a LOT less on take-away and snack foods and you could even spark their creative imaginations in the kitchen. Kids love making things to eat in them. No more having to spend money on store bought ice-creams, juices/drinks/processed meals or the like, a lot less time on clean-ups and you'd all be healthier as well. And if you're spending a lot of money on your food when you're at work, you could save a heap there by making yummy meals to take with you. By the way, there's a monthly payment plan that makes buying one available to people even on small budgets, so look into that. It's very good, it has low interest, and even with the interest, you're going to save a ton of money on your groceries/recreational excursions so you'll still come out way ahead. Now that's cool!!

    Hope all that helped. I'm very glad for your company and keep the comments coming. I really appreciate your interest and support!

  5. It's great to see you having so much fun with the Thermomix. You've certainly hit the ground running.

    I got mine a year ago and haven't looked back. I had been using a VitaMix for some years which did a good job of blending juices but I could see that the Thermomix was far superior with its ability to heat, weigh and knead, among other things. It's been quite a journey so far made even more interesting after I bought Thermomix's Rawlicious cookbook.

    Actually I hadn't heard about using a tea towel on low speed to dry the Thermomix. That's a new one on me and thanks for posting it!


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