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Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

It's now been nearly a week of Bimby foodie perfection around at my place and I am thrilled to say, getting one of these was one of the best life decisions I've ever made.

I already know it ranks right up there with all the best things I've ever done...a list which is actually too long for this post but which includes my hatha yoga teacher training at Gita(I've been teaching since 1991), becoming a Dj and radio announcer, studying sound healing with Tom Kenyon, producing my Otherware show and blog, and having the courage to fully step into my starseed identity, once I got over the shock of remembering that I'm actually not from "here".

This was me, snapped just a few hours ago, having my breakfast in bed. It's a green smoothie of course! For me, there's no better way to start the day, especially when I can whip one up in about a minute in the Thermomix.

I tell you, it's a welcome change from my former method...first I would have to juice all my greens and some of the hard fruit like apples in my Angel juicer as my blender stick wasn't coping with the leaves and skins anymore, then I'd blend the softer fruit and green juice together with my hand-held blender. It would take at least 20 minutes to make it, and another 20 to clean everything up. Now my smoothies are ultra-smooth, thick and luscious, clean-up only takes a few seconds as the Bimby washes and dries itself and there's only the mixing bowl to worry about getting messy. What a huge relief, for one such as myself, who loves green smoothies like crazy. In the past I'd rarely get the time or energy to make one every single day, let alone other raw food snacks or meals. Now I can make as many as I like effortlessly, and never have to worry about whether I'm eating enough fruit or greens ever again!!

I was lucky enough to catch the organic grocer at the Prahran Market just before they closed yesterday and grabbed loads of fruit and veg including big bunches of leafy greens that I could almost feel vibrating with lifeforce in my hands when I picked them up.

This was what ended up in today's green glass of heaven(I rotate my greens and fruits each day), blended to a velvety, lush consistency by the Bimby in 60 seconds: Banana, apple, orange, flat-leaf parsley, rainbow chard(oh how I adore all those stunning pink, yellow, orange, green and purple colours on the stalks and leaves), water and some ice. It only took a minute on turbo, and I know I'm weird when I say that the green in my green smoothies always looks beautiful and delicious to me, but man, it was super-delish, all the fibre was intact, along with the living enzymes, anti-oxidants, amino acids, trace minerals and vitamins. Definitely food for superheros!!!!!


  1. Awesome post! It cleans itself ?? I seriously might have to get one of these :P

    I think I might be in need of some rainbow chard -- thanks for the idea !!

  2. Hey thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog Flash! It really does clean itself. You won't look back if you get one, but you might have to order it from Canada if you are in the USA. Luckily for us Aussies it's been here for ten years so it's really easy. Oh yeah, and rainbow chard is such an overlooked green. I have no idea why when it's virtually psychedelic looking and jazzes up any plate, not to mention how it captures all those light spectrums in its stalks and leaves! Think of the anti-oxidants!


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